We have many $0 down finance options for your solar system.

Cash Purchase &
Loan Purchase

Your business purchases and owns the system.

  • Purchasing a solar system outright allows your business to take advantage of tax credits and accelerated depreciation.
  • These incentives can cover roughly half the total cost of the installed system.

The cost of the average solar system has fallen by more than 50 percent since 2009. An outright purchase provides great long-term economic benefits. Our clients are breaking even in three to five years, and our systems are warranted for 25 years!


Your business takes tax incentives and has the option of leasing the system for 7 or 10 years. At the end of the term, you can buyout the system.

  • Requires no down payment.
  • Low monthly payments
  • Option to reap all or half of the tax benefits.
  • Cash flow positive
  • Lease to own arrangement

If your business can take advantage of tax credits, both options are cash flow positive from the outset and provide a pathway to ownership with less impact on your operating capital.



Your business allows a lender to take advantage of the tax incentives and leases the system for a 7 or 10 years with an opportunity to own the system at the term with a buyout.

  • Requires zero down
  • Low monthly payments

If your business does not have the ability to take advantage of the tax incentives a tax lease option is ideal, since the incentives get passed along through a lower payments.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

Your business purchases and owns the system, financed as a line item on your property tax bill.

  • PACE is a government program that allows your business to finance solar with no down payment by tying repayment to property taxes.
  • The cost of the system is typically spread out over 20-30 years of payments, which are made two times each year as an additional amount to your business property taxes.

Through PACE, your business can take the 30 percent federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation, save money on day one and avoid putting debt on its balance sheet.

GAF Solar + Roof Power Purchase Agreement

A new roof, plus a solar system rolled into one transaction, paid for over 20 years through reduced utility costs. Save money from Day 1.

  • Zero down – This unique financing mechanism is funded by GAF, America’s top roofing material manufacturer.

GAF will own the solar system, sell power to your company at a below market rate, and write a check for you to install a new GAF roof. It’s a win-win-win.

Prepaid PPA
for Non Profit

The prepaid PPA requires you to pay 100% upfront when you sign the contract. However, you do not need to pay anything for the duration of the agreement.

  • No monthly payments
  • 30%-50% lower purchase price
  • Favorable Terms
  • Owned by a Third Party that will maintain the PV system

Power Purchase
Agreement (PPA)

A third party purchases and owns the system, and provides you electricity at a significant discount vs. your utility.

  • A Power Purchase Agreement allows your business to enjoy the cost savings and other benefits of solar energy with no upfront costs.
  • A third-party owns and maintains the solar system at your location and your business buys electricity at a rate that is locked in and lower than your utility rate.
  • Instead of paying the utility, your business pays the solar provider, and you save money from day one while powering your facility with clean, green, solar energy.

A PPA shows positive cash flow from the beginning of the agreement. As utility rates continue to rise, your savings increase.