Ferrari Farms

Location: Linden, CA
System Size: 110 kW
Quantity of Modules: 480
Annual Savings: $35,438
Lifetime Savings: $1,559,250

SilRay works with our customers to find cost-effective solar solutions for all income levels. Our client was eager to add solar to their organic farm, but needed financial assistance. SilRay designed a unique financing scheme where our company will own the solar system for the first ten years of its life and lease the system to the customer at the same rate as their avoided monthly utility bills, with a small annual escalator. At the end of ten years, the system will be sold to the customer at a residual value. This financing method is a win-win, allowing the project to move forward with minimal up-front expense by the client.

In this situation, the client solicited offers from many contractors, none of whom was able to provide a financially viable solution that would be beneficial to both the customer and the contractor. SilRay was able to succeed where our competitors could not, utilizing our strategic partnerships to reduce the construction cost of the system to a financially viable level for both our company and the client.

SilRay designed, financed, and built a 110 kW ground-mounted solar system for the client, utilizing SilRay brand panels. The electricity from the system will power the farm’s packing plant, and will reduce their utility costs by nearly $30,000 annually.