Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Location: Palo Alto, CA
System Size: 45 kW
Quantity of Modules: 196
Lifetime Savings: $472,000

SilRay’s turn-key development solution enables projects to be carried out in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Our projects are tailored to provide the best solution to each client’s needs. Such was the case with Stanford Hospital and Clinics.

Like many California organizations, Stanford Hospital and Clinics considers the environment in all aspects of its daily operations. In 2013, hospital management decided to advance this commitment by addressing their energy demands with a solar photovoltaic energy system.

SilRay crafted a unique financing solution, which resulted in Stanford Hospital and Clinics being able to own the solar array and save on their electricity bills within their specified budget. SilRay’s solution incorporated 196 roof mounted, SilRay-brand solar panels. The system produces approximately 67,000 kWh annually, providing 17% of the organization’s electrical needs. This solar array will save Stanford Hospital and Clinics an estimated $472,000over its25-year lifetime, while providing a clean, reliable source of energy.

During construction, the project went smoothly through City of Palo Alto inspections, and coordinated successfully with the 24-7 laboratory operations of the host building. As of the operation start date, Stanford Hospital and Clinics is generating free electricity from the sun.