Pucci Foods

Location: Hayward, CA
System Size: 441.09 kW
Quantity of Modules: 1,470
Annual Savings: $63,086
Lifetime Savings:

Pucci Foods supplies fish to the top seafood retailers around the Bay area with the best product available from around the globe. How do they keep their fish tasting so good? They buy the best and keep it very cold. All that refrigeration, however, takes an enormous amount of power. Owner Chris Lam was tired of paying tens of thousands of dollar every month in utilities, so he and his team set out to find a solar installer that could build a customized system to meet their needs. In 2014, SilRay finished construction on a full coverage rooftop array supplemented by a custom engineered support structure, which doubles as a dry, shaded parking array for Pucci’s local delivery trucks.